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About me

I am creator of products Colonwell and Tricollagen


My name is Mantas Jakimavičius (@colonwell_consultations). I am a pharmacist, medical and pharmaceutical project manager, member of several pharmaceutical associations, author of scientific and marketing health care articles, former lecturer of Kaunas University of Medicine and Vilnius University and I also wrote a book about healthy gut and weight loss.

I support the holistic approach to human health which considers the whole person and its physical, spiritual and social wellbeing.

I created Colonwell from natural ingredients only. It supports normal bowel function and helps those who want to lose weight.

I could no longer watch people suffering from gut problems and obesity or them looking for the magical pill to lose weight. Not to mention, that some people were blind in their belief that rigorous dieting and fasting could help them achieve and maintain miraculous results.

No matter how hard we wish for it, there has never been and never will be a single magical pill to take off that extra weight.

During the many years of working with my clients I have noticed that people often take Colonwell irregularly, take incorrect doses, drink too little water, etc. Thus, I have created three clear and specific Colonwell programs. I insist that you strictly follow these programs during the period of taking Colonwell and seeking your personal goals. When you have reached your personal goals, you can take Colonwell however you wish.

When I was developing my product, I sought to ensure that the final product balanced daily meals and motivated people to lead an active lifestyle.

Colonwell – 100% organic, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free and GMO-free. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.


ColonWell is a dietary supplement that has won the hearts of many people and has been quickly gaining popularity all over the world. However, understanding the secrets to the success of ColonWell is not that hard once you get in touch with its developer. Pharmacist Mantas Jakimavičius has amassed tons of experience, is dedicated to his work and, most importantly, always keen on hearing people out. His head is brimming with new ideas, projects and challenges. And yet, the health specialist remains humble and publicly admits that ColonWell has been developed by the people he has had the honor of interacting with rather than him.

If one takes a look at your scientific and professional career, it seems exemplary. Doctorate studies in pharmacy, working as a university lecturer and later getting a prestigious job in a pharmaceutical company. However, you have turned towards entrepreneurship and started developing health supplements. What impacted this change in career?                

“The current results were certainly not a gift from the heavens. I can still remember when I was but a young university lecturer teaching in the field of pharmacy in 2009. Yet, as I climbed higher on the scientific ladder, I got that feeling that the tempo set by the university was too slow. I realized that I could bring my ideas to life only when I myself became an entrepreneur and developed my own manufacturing base.”

When you renounced your scientific career, did you already have a clear business plan? Did you know what you were going to do next?

“I did not have a clear-cut plan. In truth, this product was not developed by me. It was developed by the people I had the honor of interacting with. I have always tried to hear their problems out. People needed time to open up to me and start talking about such intimate problems as constipation or bloating and even then, they felt a sense of shame. They complained of there being no effective measures to help them out. Even though the market offered a huge variety of products for gut problems, the majority of them included laxatives or other prohibited ingredients. I made it my goal to develop a product to improve gut activity and to root out the belief that talking about constipation is shameful.”

More than ten years of success is proof enough that you have reached your goal and more. In your opinion, what is the success formula of ColonWell?

“Many developers of dietary supplements look for synthetic ingredients and introduce brand new technology in their attempts to invent something new. I believe they forget the most crucial thing – natural ingredients easily found in nature that I have used in the development of my product. Having taken the most intimate health problems divulged to me into account, I succeeded in developing a mixture of herbs and other natural ingredients that is effective and quick to work. People felt the changes in as soon as several days and were eager to share their experiences. It is no secret that human-to-human marketing is the most effective one.”

Developers of dietary supplements rarely show themselves or interact with clients directly. What benefits do you gain from communicating with people directly?

“If I have not communicated with people, I would never have developed ColonWell as it is now. During the past ten years, the ingredients of ColonWell have changed several times to take the needs and comments of my clients into account. I keep on lecturing on health promotion and consult people personally. I cannot imagine my life without this.”

What do you find to be most memorable when interacting with people? Could you tell us about the most memorable meeting with a client?  

“The personal changes in each of my clients after they discover the road towards a healthier lifestyle is the most memorable thing to me. I clearly remember how I met this woman with tears in her eyes. At that time, she had diabetes mellitus, took a ton of medications and saw little to no meaning to life. We talked openly and I advised her on how to help herself. We met two months later for a follow-up appointment and I could hardly recognize her. A bright and self-confident lady stood before me: she had successfully tackled her diabetes and reached normal levels of sugar in blood, got rid of her gut problems and managed to lose some weight.”

Listening to you gives off the impression that the development of ColonWell was trouble-free. How did you manage to avoid any difficulties?

“Who said I managed to avoid them? The road to the successful development of ColonWell was a bumpy one. People were frustrated with ineffective supplements for intestinal health and weight loss. They were sure that all weight loss measures were designed to damage the gut microbiota. In the case of ColonWell, however, weight loss was but a side effect of maintaining a healthy gut. I had to be persistent in coaxing people to try my product until they realized that it was actually working.”

The primary goal of ColonWell development was related to improvement of gut microbiota but later on you noticed that it was also an affective way to lose weight. What other unexpected results have you discovered during the product development process?

“When we realized that ColonWell was an effective means of weight loss, I started consulting overweight people. They told me of their daily troubles, accentuating the discomfort arising from joint problems. Many of my clients were forced to relinquish their favorite sports, traveling and even manual labor. From the first glance, it might seem that obesity and joints are not related at all, but in truth, extra weight puts on an extra load on joints. This was how I got the idea to develop an oral tricollagen supplement called FenoQ Tricollagen Joints. It strengthens the cartilage and greases the joints from the inside out, thus giving back the freedom of movement. The results that my clients achieve by taking ColonWell and FenoQ Tricollagen Joints keep surprising me to this day.”

Your products have won the hearts of many people and have been growing more and more popular all over the world. With all this workload on your shoulders, how did you find the time to publish a book in 2018?

“I keep joking that ColonWell is my baby and the book is the proof that my baby has all grown up. I cannot consult all the people in the world personally but I can reach the majority of them through my book. With the release of my book, I have made my dream of conveying my scientific knowledge to all in a language that they understand come true. Now I can freely tell the people what to do to have daily bowel movements or how to get rid of that hanging belly. The readers of my book say that they feel a wish to star leading a healthier lifestyle after finishing my book. These words are the greatest compliment that an author can ever receive.”

Many people keep suffering from gut problems and obesity despite the huge variety of daily supplements and books on health. How would you motivate them not to lose hope of getting better?

“Do not go on diets. If you want long-term results, you must change your lifestyle and gain new daily habits. For several years now, we have been holding a healthy challenge project for people with various gut and obesity problems. The project participants take ColonWell for several months and gradually develop the habits of a healthier lifestyle. At the end of the project, the participants experience both physical and psychological changes and claim to have found something that makes them feel better for the first time in their lives. Are these stories not the best motivation there could ever be?”